Rob Sheens – You Don’t Know Their Journey



WINNER: You Don’t Know Their Journey

Watchdog Spirit Award, Rob Sheens

Movie 8 min 30 sec Drama
Completed Aug 2017

Women, Student Film, Children, Youth
Actresses in this film were nominated for Best Actress:
Thalia Castillon (Web series: You don’t know their journey)
Sam BT (Web series: You don’t know their journey)


Rolling in like dark thunderous clouds the mean girls engage their target but this time their victim is barely clinging to life!

Sitting sad sombre and alone preoccupied with the fight to fend of the darkness that threatens to consume her, Katie tries desperately to
remember what it was like to feel happy, ‘happy and liked andloved and one day if can i just stop being stupid maybe even normal!’
Would you bully this girl? You Don’t Know Their Journey.

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Production Notes

Jessica Tolhurst.

This film was inspired by Jessica Tolhurst who was suffering from bulimia and a failing system since age 10. In her later years still suffering mental health issues Jessica was bullied. In December 2015 to young to fully understand Jessica tragically took her own life.
She was just 14!
Mel and Dave Jessica’s parents have set up Bobdan Foundation to raise awareness and help prevent other children from following Jessica’s plight and help people understand mental health and the affects bullying has on young children especially those that are already fragile!
Hence the birth of:
You Don’t Know Their Journey


Early stage, rough version:



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