Jerry McGiffin – Dole Boy

Watchdog Film Festival, certificate award Dole Boy, Jerry McGiffin

Watchdog Film Festival, certificate award Dole Boy, Jerry McGiffin

WINNER: Bole Boy

Watchdog Spirit Award, Jerry McGiffin

6 min 40 sec Animation, Documentary
Completed Aug 2017


In a town with no jobs, a hopeless young man struggles to survive.



Jerry McGiffin is a new filmmaker. He has produced his debut film ‘JOAN’ which was premiered at the FilmoneFest in the Atlantic Highlands, USA. His film ‘JOAN’ won the Jury Award at FilmoneFest. Previously Jerry has worked as an artist in Bundaberg, where he made his award-winning sculpture Black Box. He is excited to make more films and explore the art of storytelling.

Production Notes

Dole Boy: The Process

Making ‘Dole Boy’ was a very revealing film for me. It took 4 month to develop the basic form of the film. During that time I filmed my experience with unemployment. I wanted to show what unemployment felt like the audience, so they would have a greater understanding of our struggles. Instead of focusing on statistics I feel using a story based approach enables the audience to form a connect with people who are unemployed.




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