The VisionAwarding filmmakers who monitor society and expose matters of social and public significance.

We are the first and only film festival that will solely screen investigative films that dive into worlds otherwise unknown. We will shortlist films that cover matters of social importance and public significance and that ask us to question our own individual world or our systems within society.

These can be documentaries, fictional films, narratives, journalism-style segments, and so on, as long as the film has an important message for society, be well researched, and based on fact. For example, the movie Okja explains the complexity of the meat industry to viewers in a very skilled, entertaining and tactful way drawing parallels to all of the meat industry including the dog meat trade.

Okja is explaining our corporate meat culture back to itself and thus is a “watchdog” style fiction film. Another great example is Blood Diamond (film) and Blood Diamonds (documentary) which both explain the consequences of the real diamond trade in parts of Africa. These movies expose socio-political and economic systems so viewers can question the diamond industry and whether they want to support it.

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Winners will be featured on our Facebook page, on our website, and on twitter.

Key media professionals and filmmakers will be invited to the event as VIP guests and you will be able to mingle with them and discuss your projects.

This will be a great event!James Hyams

The DetailsWe encourage all submissions!

  • Ideas come first

    Even though the above films have a high budget, we are happy to accept no or low budget films especially those financed via crowdfunding.

  • The program for this festival will be announced early 2018

    We seek to screen several investigative exposés, several smartphone made films, a few feature length films, and several short films.

  • All together now!

    Attendance at the event will be free for cast and crew of submitted films. Shortlisted nominees will be contacted early 2018 and prizes will be awarded on the night.

    Winners will be featured on our Facebook page, on our website, and on twitter.

    Key media professionals and filmmakers will be invited to the event as VIP guests, where further discussions can take place.


Tickets will be available through Eventbrite late 2017.


Anyone attending this film festival will learn a lot from the content of the screened films as well as network with other filmmakers and media industry professionals.

Cast, Crew and Media Free Entry

Those who have submitted to this festival as well as short listed cast, crew, and media professionals will be able to attend this event free of charge.

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Meet & Greet

The event will take place March 4 in Brisbane Australia from 4:30pm to 8pm with VIPs and award winners able to meet after for drinks.

Stay tuned for more detailsSubmissions can be made via Filmfreeway and Withoutabox from September 15, 2017.

Tickets will be available from Eventbrite from December 2017.


What next?Let’s make it happen!

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